RSW Courses

RSW115 Foundations of Recreation, Sport and Wellness (4)
Surveys psychological and sociological factors that influence the nature and scope of recreation, recreation behavior and recreation activity. Introduction to history of the recreation profession as well as a wide variety of professional recreation service agencies.

RSW216 Recreation and Sport Skill Analysis (4)
Examines skills, methods and techniques of instruction in recreational sports, games, crafts movement and dance. Prerequisite: major or minor, or permission of instructor.

RSW218 Programming and Evaluation in Recreation and Sport (4)
Examines principles, policies and process of recreation programming and evaluation, i.e., needs  assessment, program development, public relations, funding and evaluation. Class project required to provide experiential model for programming process.

RSW240 Methods and Skills in Adventure Education (4)
Introductory course exploring history, philosophy and methodology of adventure education. Provides necessary technical skills and experience in planning, organizing, conducting and evaluating programs. Prerequisite: La Vida or permission of instructor. (Alternate years. Offered 2008-09.)

RSW 271 Introduction to Sport and Recreation Management (4)
Introduces foundations of sport and recreation management. Topics include basic skills and competencies of planning, leading and organizing required of sport and recreation managers in various sport and recreation-related organizations.

RSW294 Philosophy and Theories of Coaching (4)
Develops philosophy of coaching; coaching theories; organizational concepts; principles of coaching ethics; interrelational behavior of athletes and coaches; and integration of Christian faith in role of coach.

RSW318 Recreation and Sport Leadership (4)

Examines basic principles of the recreational leadership process;  theories of leadership styles; process and nature of group development; instructional strategies, methods and techniques of recreational service delivery. Includes field experience. Prerequisite: RSW 216.

RSW323 Recreation and Sport for Individuals with Special Needs (4)
Explores recreational programs and activities designed for persons with social, emotional, mental and physical challenges, as well as geriatric populations. Includes field experience.

RSW330 Theories of Play, Games and Sport (4)
Examines social psychological dimensions of play, anthropological understanding of games, and sociological issues of sport. Includes explorative research project. Prerequisite: junior or senior standing.

RSW368 Sport Psychology (4)
Examines major psychological variables that influence sport participation and behavior in sport settings. Emphasis on application, description, explanation and prediction of sport participation and performance.

RSW371 Selected Topics (2 or 4)
Upper-level course focusing on selected topics in recreation not included in regular department offerings.

RSW391 History and Philosophy of Sport (4)
Historical and philosophical underpinnings of sport from primitive cultures to contemporary societies and their interrelationship with cultural values.

RSW425 Internship (2-6)
Supervised field assignment in recreational service setting combined with related academic study. Prepares students for professional career choices. Must be prearranged and approved by instructor and Registrar's Office. Prerequisite: minimum 2.50 cumulative GPA.

RSW471 Research in Recreation, Sport and Wellness (4)
Supervised research project includes preparation of literature reviews, data collection and analysis, presentations and discussion of papers. Prerequisites: junior or senior
standing, RSW 330.

RSW492 Theories and Cultural Values (4)
Reviews major philosophical  and sociological theories that shape cultural values toward recreation; Christian critique of role of recreation in contemporary society. Prerequisite: senior standing.  Open to nonmajors.


OEI241  Foundations of Outdoor Education (4)
Explores historical and literary foundations of outdoor education and broad definitions of spirituality in wilderness. Inquiry done in conjunction with development of personal environmental ethic and introductory technical skills related to outdoor education.

OEI243 Philosophies and Theories of Outdoor Education and Leadership (4)
Surveys current philosophies, theories, methodologies and applications of outdoor education. General leadership principles reviewed and students  introduced to teaching strategies, program design and administrative  responsibilities common to outdoor education.

OEI343 Expeditionary Training (Wilderness Education Association Certification) (4)
Through 21-day wilderness expedition, course incorporates Wilderness Education Association's 18-point curriculum, which includes topics such as judgment, decision making, problem solving, group dynamics, nutrition, health and sanitation, risk management, wilderness emergency procedures, natural and cultural history, processing skills and transference of learning.

OEI370 Culture, Society and Global Perspectives in Outdoor Education (4)
Addresses important sociological topics such as race, gender, urbanization and poverty, which shape our response to pertinent issues in society. Special attention given to how outdoor education impacts spiritual development of participants and broader mission of Church.

OEI425 Internship (2-4)

Supervised field assignment in outdoor education setting combined with related academic study. Must be prearranged and approved by instructor and Registrar's Office. Prerequisite: minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA.


*PED015  Discovery Expeditions (0)
Seven-week outdoor activity develops trust, responsibility and self-confidence; initiative games, ropes course, orienteering, rock climbing and weekend outing in New Hampshire. PE015 or PE016 required first year at Gordon. Fee plus additional costs; special drop, withdrawal and refund policies apply.

*PED016 La Vida Wilderness Expeditions (0)
Intensive 12-day wilderness experience. PE015 or PE016 required first year at Gordon. (Current students register in November for May or June trips, or in April for August trip. Current first-year students register for August La Vida which takes place before sophomore year. Incoming first-year students register during summer registration for June or August La Vida. Deposit required from incoming students only for June or August expeditions.) Fee plus additional costs; special drop, withdrawal and refund policies apply.

*PED017 Concepts of Wellness (0)
Promotes knowledge, understanding and implementation of physical fitness and wellness programs. Includes fitness
concepts, nutrition, weight control, stress management, leisure choices. Prerequisite: by petition only. Fee.

*PED018-099  Physical Education Activity Classes (0)
Designed to introduce fitness and lifetime recreational activity skills. Two quad experiences required. Fee; some courses require additional costs based on activity.

*Fulfills Core Curriculum requirement.