Register for Event

How to Register for a REC-IM event:

For each REC-IM event, a team must be formed within the appropriate hall affiliation listed below.There may be more than one team registered per hall affiliation but players may only play on one team per sport. Registrations are due the Wednesday before the start date of the league or Friday before the start date of a tournament. Captains must attend a captain's meeting the next day.

All participants must be registered at

For captains to register a team or players to join a team, follow the instructions under the announcements at 

Please contact REC-IM with further questions regarding the registration process.

Hall Affiliations:

Bromley/Off-Campus (green)
Ferrin/Drew (yellow)
Chase (gray)
Wilson/Lewis (red)
Fulton (blue)
Road Halls/Evans (white)
Tavilla/Nyland (black)