Real-world Issues

2016 Real World Issues Top Ten

We are excited to reveal the Top 10 Real World Issues chosen by the Elevate 2016 staff for you to vote on. To the student's whose issues are being considered to be represented at Elevate, congratulations! For those students whose issues have not been chosen, please know that if you are passionate about your issue and would like the chance to compete for seed funding there is an opportunity at Elevate to pitch as an individual contestant. Please Choose the TOP 6 Issues you hope we will work on while at Elevate. We chose these issues because we believe each one of them is Meaningful, Collaborative and Local. We hope you will vote with these values in mind.

What is a meaningful issue?

A “meaningful issue” is one that affects a significant portion of your local community from the inside out, addressing the causes of the problem instead of the effects.

What does it mean for your project to be collaborative?

A collaborative project will seek to work with local community members and organizations in order to address the issue. This will help you think beyond your own ideas and provide you with a stronger foundation for resolving the community issue.

What does it mean for your issue to be local?

By addressing issues in your community first, it is possible for you to create a ripple effect that can grow to a much larger scale. Focusing on an issue in your local community allows you to address the core problem—the cause—rather than the perceived problem (the effect). Because Elevate is geared toward actual, practical implementation of leadership, we want you to follow through on your project plan. Focusing on local issues allows you to work on it while you are home and see it through to completion.

1. First and Last Name

2. Please select the your top six out of the ten listed:

Countering Peer Pressure and Teen Substance Abuse in Brentwood, TN
Addressing the Persistent Problem of Homelessness in Beverly, MA
Providing English Tutoring to Unprivledged South Korean Students to GIve Them Equal Opportunities to Pursue Further Education in Seoul, South Korea
Combating Ageism and Building Relationships with the Elderly in Dallas, TX
Bridging the Social Isolation of International Students and Building Cross Cultural Appreciation within a High School in Shelton, CT
Tackling Growing Obesity through a Community Nutrition Program in Maringá, Brazil
Bringing Racial Reconciliation within Youth Communities in Boston, MA
Creating a Sports and Mentoring Program for Students Affected by ADD and ADHD in Simpsonville, SC
Educating Teens on Mental Health and Facilitating Programs that Offer Healthier Alternatives to Prevent Teen Depression, Self-Abuse, and Mental Illness in Charlotte, NC
Providing Opportunities for Teens to Understand the Experience of Foster Care Children in Thousand Oaks, CA