Apply to Presidential Fellows

Eligible applicants will be rising juniors and seniors with a minimum GPA of 2.5.

Interested students should submit the following:

A one-page résumé that contains complete contact information (including preferred email address and preferred telephone number), previous record of leadership and work experience, as well as a summary of academic background and vocational interests following Gordon.
The names of three on-campus references who would be willing and are well positioned to assess the applicant’s fit with this program.

Short Responses
Applicants should prepare short responses (200 words or fewer) to the following questions, in a single document, which should include page numbers and the applicant’s name on every page of the document:

  • What draws you to the Gordon Presidential Fellows Program, and how does this program fit with your larger sense of calling to leadership after graduating from Gordon?
  • Give a specific example of how you have contributed to human flourishing or the common good since coming to Gordon.
  • What would your best friend say are your two greatest strengths and two greatest shortcomings? Briefly describe how your strengths and shortcomings are evident in your life.
  • Describe a time when you had to demonstrate the most resourcefulness or individual initiative. What made that situation unique, and how did you make a difference?
  • Finally, write a brief professional biography under the 200 word limit. Include your major, hometown, honors and achievements, and professional aspirations.

To submit, please attach each completed item as a separate Word document or PDF within a single email, and send to Mary Grace Hager at .

Along with the submitted materials, the College will also review each applicant's transcript as a facet of the evaluation process.

All application materials are due at 5 pm on Saturday, February 15. The new class of Gordon Presidential Fellows will be announced by spring break.