Health Professions
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Premedicine, Dentistry, Veterinary

Physician, Veterinary and Dental School applicants have similar set of prerequisite courses, listed below. Most Gordon students choosing this track are premeds, but we have a smattering of vet and dental students. Note: One does not need to be a biology major to be premed, although between 50 and 60% of all applicants to medical school do major in the biological sciences, with about 10–15% majoring in the humanities or physical sciences.

One thing these schools are certainly looking for is a well-rounded student. It is therefore important to incorporate a balance of science courses, which will help you do well on admission exams, with non-science courses that will help shape you into a more well-rounded, informed, and compassionate person. This is one advantage of a liberal arts education and a small school environment. All Gordon graduates have opportunities to study a wide variety of subjects within the liberal arts and get to know their professors well. Medical school admissions committees seek well balanced students whose minds are open to a broad range of ideas, not simply focused on science alone. 

BIO 150 - Biology I: Cells and Genetics Credits: 4

BIO 151 - Biology II: Animal Biology Credits: 4

CHE 111 - Principles of Chemistry I Credits: 4

CHE 112 - Principles of Chemistry II Credits: 4

CHE 211 - Organic Chemistry I Credits: 4

CHE 212 - Organic Chemistry II Credits: 4

HLP 200 - Health Professions Seminars I Credits: 0 (taken in sophomore and junior years)

HLP 201 - Health Professions Seminars II Credits: 0 (taken in sophomore and junior years)

HLP 300 - Health Professions Seminars III Credits: 0 (taken in sophomore and junior years)

HLP 301 - Health Professions Seminars IV Credits: 2   (taken in sophomore and junior years)


MAT 141 - Calculus I Credits: 4

MAT 142 - Calculus II Credits: 4


MAT 134 - Survey of Calculus Credits: 4

MAT 220 - Biostatistics Credits: 4


PHY 121 - Introductory Physics I Credits: 4

PHY 122 - Introductory Physics II Credits: 4


PHY 119 - General Physics I Credits: 4

PHY 120 - General Physics II Credits: 4


Two semesters of writing

NOTE: The most competitive premedical preparation would include courses taken by majors in that subject.

For further information, please contact Gordon's premed advisor, Dr. Craig M. Story.

P 978.867.4393