Ping Pong Rules

• Games to 21, win by 2, rally scoring (every serve a point is won)
• Rock, paper, scissors to decide who serves first
• Serve alternates every 5 serves
• Players must serve behind and within the table boundaries
• If the serve hits the net and goes over, it is a let (re-do)
• If the score is tied at 20-20, the serve alternates every 2 serves
• Players must return the ball after it bounces, not out of the air
   o If the ball is over the table and it touches the player or paddle in the air, the point is lost by that player
   o If the ball has gone past the table clearly and the ball touches the player or paddle, they do not lose the point (if it is close to the table just let it go so there is no controversy)
• If the ball goes off the table to the side, it must be returned over the net