Apply to Pike Honors

Any student whose cumulative grade point average is 3.5 or higher, and who would spend at least three semesters as a full-time student under the Pike program, may apply.

  1. Download the Pike Application and Guide on the right of this page.
  2. The Guide walks you through the application process, and the fillable PDF formats your Application.
  3. Print or distribute pages 7-9 of your Application to your academic advisor with your essay and supporting program documentation, and then the materials go on to the Pike Committee Chair.


  • Application Cover Sheet signed by advisor
  • Four-Year Study Plan by category
  • Four-Year Study Plan Calendar
  • Essay
  • Documentation of coursework or other academic experiences you propose to take at institutions other than Gordon College

There is no official application deadline, but students are strongly encouraged to begin the application process very early in the semester, and to submit a fall semester application by October 1, or a spring semester application by the Tuesday following spring recess. A student whose proposal is approved can enter the Pike Program in the semester that follows.

  1. Consult and set goals with your current advisor, other relevant faculty, and the Pike Committee chair (or other members).
  2. Research available options and similar programs elsewhere.
  3. Organize a plan for your courses for all four years of College.
  4. Write essay: why you propose this project, and how it relates to your sense of vocation, your faith, and your likely career goals.
  5. Submit all application materials.
  6. Pike Committee reviews your proposal.
  7. Student may be asked to develop the proposal further before the Committee makes its decision.



Pike Honors Program


Pike Information Brochure (PDF)
General promtional information about the Kenneth L. Pike Honors program

Pike Application Guide (PDF)
Guide to preparing a Pike program proposal

Pike Proposal Form (PDF)
Fillable PDF form for outlining proposed major, minor, or concentration