Physical Education


Our department offers a host of classes that enables students to physically express themselves in an educational context. Each student can choose from the following physical educational options to fulfill their physical education requirement:

*PED015 Discovery Expeditions(0)

Seven-week outdoor activity develops trust, responsibility and self-confidence; initiative games, ropes course, orienteering, rock climbing and weekend outing in New Hampshire. PE015 or PE016 required first year at Gordon. Fee plus additional costs; special drop, withdrawal and refund policies apply.

*PED016 La Vida Wilderness Expeditions (0)

Intensive 12-day wilderness experience. PE015 or PE016 required first year at Gordon. (Current students register in November for May or June trips, or in April for August trip. Current first-year students register for August La Vida which takes place before sophomore year. Incoming first-year students register during summer registration for June or August La Vida. Deposit required from incoming students only for June or August expeditions.) Fee plus additional costs; special drop, withdrawal and refund policies apply.

*PED017 Concepts of Wellness (0)

Promotes knowledge, understanding and implementation of physical fitness and wellness programs. Includes fitness concepts, nutrition, weight control, stress management, leisure choices. Prerequisite: by petition only. Fee.

*PED018-099 Physical Education Activity Classes (0)

Designed to introduce fitness and lifetime recreational activity skills. Two quad experiences required. Fee; some courses require additional costs based on activity.


Basic instruction in fundamentals of badminton. Equipment provided.

PED 027

Learn the principles of good posture, ballet steps, body and muscle isolation through bar and floor exercises. Also, a great opportunity to receive the basics of ballet for your lifetime enjoyment for the newcomer; male or female. Endurance runners are strongly urged not to participate, due to contradictory training effects.


An introduction to recreational road cycling. Includes instruction in basic bicycle repair and maintenance, road safety, and individual and group riding techniques. Must have a helmet and a good road bike or hybrid. Includes one Saturday ride.


Techniques and safety instruction in recreational canoeing. Includes Saturday day trip.


Men's and Women's Ballroom Dancing
Introduction to the waltz, fox trot, cha-cha, tango, rumba, jitterbug, swing and polka dances. Appropriate ballroom dance shoes must be worn.


Intro to Martial Arts
An introduction to the physical and artistic qualities of Tang-Fee-Do (Korean Karate).


Introduction to the essential skills, terms, rules and tactics of fencing.


Aerobic Walking
Learn how to reach and maintain target heart rates, upper body workout, and avoid injury. Class will be walking in Wenham and surrounding areas.


Rock Climbing
Basic introductory instruction in rock climbing which includes climbing wall and outdoor climbing. Includes Saturday day trip.


Emphasizes principles of a lifetime running program introducing everything from Fartlek, LSD, Plyometrics to Bounding, VO2max and Strides.


Introduction to tennis techniques, strategy and rules. Student must provide own tennis racquet.


Strength Training
Instructional use of the selectorized equipment and free weights. Students will be able to design and implement their own strength program based on principles learned in class.

*Fulfills Core Curriculum requirement.