Dr. DeWeese-Boyd

Ian DeWeese-Boyd
Associate Professor

Ian DeWeese-Boyd majored in philosophy at the University of South Carolina. He next earned a Master of Arts with an emphasis in New Testament exegesis at Covenant Theological seminary. At Saint Louis University, where he earned his doctorate in 2001, he studied under Eleonore Stump, who directed his dissertation, Self-Deception and Moral Responsibility.  Ian joined the philosophy department at Gordon in 1999.  His teaching and research interests include the problem of evil, moral psychology, self-deception, freedom of the will, aesthetics, philosophy of education as well as issues of justice and globalization.

His most recent work has focused on analytic philosophy of religion, self-deception, justice and patriotism.  Recent publications include "Grace and Freedom: Examining Stump's View of the Quiescent Will" in Faith and Philosophy, "Self-Deception" in The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, and with his wife Margie "The Good City versus the Luxurious City: Consumption and Sustainability Plato's 'Republic'" Contemporary Justice Review and ""Flying the Flag of Rough Branch: Rethinking Post-September 11th Patriotism through the Writings of Wendell Berry" in Appalachian Journal, reprinted in The Many Faces of Patriotism, Philip Abbott, ed.

In addition to teaching, Ian and his wife Margie, who is Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology and Social Work at Gordon, also share the responsibility and joy of caring for their two children, Jesse and Aida. They attend Christ Episcopal Church in Hamilton.

"In the chaos of registration my sophomore year at the University of South Carolina, when no other class was available, I signed up for a course in ancient philosophy.  It was boring, no one talked, even the professor said little-sometimes nothing at all-and yet I was hooked."