Comments from Graduates

"The physics department at Gordon became my family. There was always someone willing to help me, whether it be about physics or something personal. The professors challenged me to be a better physicist, a better student, and a better person. Their faith was an inspiration to us all and I hope the physics department will always have such skillful and dedicated professors. The small classes enabled us to learn the material in greater depth and allowed each student to reveal his or her academic weaknesses so that as a physics community we could help and encourage one another. In the future, I hope Gordon will be able to recruit even more students to the sciences."

"I had great experiences at Gordon. I felt that the faculty were always ready to help me and challenge me. I also felt a good amount of community within the department. I think the sciences should continue to be emphasized so even more students can benefit from it."

"I was well prepared for graduate school. Labs in upper-level courses were very good-especially as I compare them to the undergraduate program where I am a graduate student."

"Physics at Gordon is the challenge that one will compare all others. It demands much time and effort, but prepared me extremely well for my career in education. Physics and education courses integrated well. The physics faculty is brilliant, engaging and very involved with their students."

"The physics department helped me to prepare for my careers-academically, socially and spiritually. I really appreciate all I learned while in attendance."

"Overall I feel the physics department prepared me well for my field, even in comparison to colleagues who attended well respected technical schools. I also feel I was well prepared for my ongoing graduate studies in physics. The professors were very eager to help students and were available outside class, in part due to the low student-faculty ratio."

"We had lots of time with the professors and got to go on great field trips as a small group. Thank you for a wonderful experience and education!"