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International Affairs Courses

In consultation with an advisor, each student will meet the core requirements of the major. A minimum of 40 credits must be taken in the major, not including any language credits. Ordinarily students will take 300-level courses in their junior or senior years. ECB/POL416 serves as the culminating seminar. Students planning graduate work in this field are advised to take an additional 16 credits of related
coursework in consultation with the academic advisor, at least 8 credits of which should be outside the Department of Economics and Business and the Department of Political Science.

Required courses
(28 credits plus language):
ECB101  Principles of Microeconomics
ECB102  Principles of Macroeconomics
ECB366  International Economics
ECB416/POL416  International Political Economy
POL106  International Relations
POL310  American Foreign Policy OR POL210 Introduction to Comparative Politics
POL348  Theories of International Relations
Language: 8 credits of intermediate (second year) language or validation of equivalent language proficiency

ELECTIVES (12 credits)
Students must choose 12 additional credits from the following list with at least one course from the Regional Politics section:
Regional Politics
POL210  Introduction to Comparative Politics
POL214  American Domestic Policy
POL219  Politics of the Developing World
POL235  Politics of the Middle East
POL240  Politics of Western Europe
POL324  Politics of Latin America
POL325  Congress and the Presidency
General Electives
ECB305  Economic Development
ECB369  International Capitalisms: Asia, U.S. and Europe
ECB440  International Business
HIS245    History of Africa
POL246  International Diplomacy: The Model United Nations
POL320  Women and Politics

The international field experience may be an appropriate course of study, internship or other experience as approved by the student's academic advisor and the Global Education Office. Ordinarily it will complement a student's language and elective preparation.

In exceptional cases international affairs majors may earn honors in international affairs by researching and writing an honors thesis during the senior year. Under the direction of a faculty advisor, candidates will develop a thesis proposal in the spring prior to the senior year and, with approval of the Economics and Business and Political Science Departments, register for and complete 8 credits of independent research in the senior year (registered as INA471, 472 Research I, II). For honors the thesis must be of high quality and sufficient scope and must be defended orally before program faculty toward the end of spring term in senior year. The minimum GPA for honors candidates is 3.5 in the major and 3.0 overall; candidates must have completed their international field experience prior to senior year; depending on the topic, substantial cognate coursework may be required junior and senior years. An honors thesis should be considered by students intending to complete advanced degrees in economics, political science or international affairs. See program faculty for details.

INA471, 472 research I, II (4, 4)
Individual research for senior honors thesis. Prerequisites: senior standing and permission of program director.