English Major

Requirements for the Major in English: 40 credits

Students are required to take 10 courses in the study of literature, composition and theory from the major curriculum including:

  • ENG211 Introduction to the Study of Language and Literature (a prerequisite for all 300- and 400-level courses)
  • One additional 200-level course
  • Three 300-level courses
  • Two 400-level courses taken after 4 credits of 300-level courses

The remainder of the courses may be taken according to interest and category so that the student takes:

  • Four courses in British and American literature with at least one from each
  • Two courses in comparative/global literature (but only one of ENG260 or ENG360)
  • Three courses in writing, rhetoric and/or theory

Students with a major or minor in English must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 for all coursework in the major or minor.

Creative Writing Concentration

English majors may apply for a concentration in creative writing. To be considered, students must have completed two creative writing courses and submit an application with two writing samples of poetry, prose or playscripts. See department chair for application. The concentration requires 20 credits (two courses beyond the standard major requirements). Students should plan to take ENG212 Introduction to Creative Writing and four courses from the following list:

  • ENG218 Creative Writing: Nonfiction
  • ENG314 Creative Writing: Fiction
  • ENG315 Creative Writing: Playwriting
  • ENG316 Creative Writing: Poetry
  • COM217 Introduction to Screenwriting or COM317 Intermediate Screenwriting
  • ENG419 Advanced Studies in Creative Writing
  • ENG420 Literary Criticism
  • ENG440 The Literary Journal
  • ENG486 Poetics

Requirements for Honors in English Language and Literature

Seniors who maintain at least a 3.50 GPA in the major (with no grade lower than a B) and a 3.0 GPA overall may apply to graduate with honors in English language and literature upon completion of major requirements. Students work with a faculty advisor to develop an independent study with a substantial research project in literature or creative writing, culminating in a written honors thesis delivered to departmental faculty and students in the spring of the senior year. See department chair.

English Minor

With departmental advice non-majors may design a 20-credit English minor with courses selected from 200- through 400-level English courses. ENG211 is required for the minor. 

Requirements for the Double Major with Middle School or Secondary Education

Students seeking licensure in English at the middle school or secondary level should consult the Education and English department chairs for specific requirements needed for Massachusetts licensure.

Courses required within the English major for Massachusetts licensure:

  • ENG204 Grammar and Style or ENG404 History of the English Language
  • ENG260 The Bible as Literature or ENG360 Biblical Narrative
  • ENG312 Advanced Composition and Rhetoric
  • Two courses in British literature
  • Two courses in American literature