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Biochemistry Courses

Students in the biochemistry concentration in the Department of Chemistry complete coursework in both chemistry and biology, with a focus on biology at the molecular level. The biochemistry concentration prepares students for graduate study in biochemistry, admission to medical school, and careers in the biotech sector.

Biochemistry Concentration Requirements

 CHE100 First Semester Seminar in Chemistry
 CHE111, 112 Principles of Chemistry I, II
 CHE211, 212 Organic Chemistry I, II
 CHE311, 312 Quantitative Analysis, Instrumental Analysis
 CHE315 Physical Chemistry I
 CHE341 Biochemistry
 CHE391, 392 Junior Seminar I, II
 CHE491, 492 Senior Seminar I, II
 BIO150 Biology I: Cells and Genetics
 MAT141, 142 Calculus I, II
 MAT223 Calculus III
 PHY121, 122 Introductory Physics I, II

In addition, 12 credits of electives are required, including at least one of the following two courses: 

 BIO316 Modern Genetics
 BIO321 Molecular Cell Biology

The additional credits can be earned through any of the following courses, or research experiences or other courses approved by the program chair.

BIO312 Animal Physiology
BIO314 Microbiology
BIO316 Modern Genetics
BIO321 Molecular Cell Biology
CHE371 or 372 Selected Topics in Chemistry I / Selected Topics in Chemistry II
CHE47x Research