Planning the Biblical Studies Major

The biblical studies major is designed to prepare some students for admission to seminary and various ministries of teaching the Word. For others it provides the basic foundation in biblical education needed for various church vocations and ministries both at home and around the world. Still others are encouraged to make the Bible their major emphasis in a broad liberal arts education, which will enable them to live effectively and productively for Christ in various places and vocations.

Students majoring in general biblical studies are required to take 36 credits in the department in addition to the three core requirements (BCM101, BCM103, and BCM308). See below for an alternative for BCM308). Many students also decide to pursue specific concentrations within the major.

The nine required courses beyond the core are:

Biblical Interpretation (8 credits):
     BCM220 Introduction to Biblical Studies
     BCM335 Biblical Hermeneutics

Old Testament (4 credits) one of:
     BCM211 Pentateuch
     BCM227 Prophetic Literature
     BCM313 History of Israel
     BCM325 Wisdom Literature

The Gospels (4 credits) one of:
     BCM203  Gospel of Matthew
     BCM204 Luke/Acts
     BCM317  Gospel of John

Pauline Studies (4 credits) one of:
     BCM205  Corinthian Correspondence
     BCM209  Romans and Galatians
     BCM210  Prison Epistles
     BCM324  Pastoral Epistles

Seminar (4 credits) one of:
     BCM492  Senior Seminar
     BCM304  Seminar in Greek Exegesis: Gospel of Mark
     BCM312  Hebrew II

Theology: Students may fulfill the core theology requirement (4 credits) with either
     BCM301 Christian Doctrine or
     BCM308 Christian Theology
Four additional credits should be taken from the options below.
     BCM243 Justice and Mercy: Theological Anthropology
     BCM245 Historical Theology I: Ancient/Medieval
     BCM246 Historical Theology II: Reformation/Modern
     BCM302 Old Testament Theology
     BCM310 New Testament Theology
     BCM322 American Christianity

Departmental Electives (8 credits) two from:
Department electives, at least 4 credits of which must be from biblical studies (BCM203, 204, 205, 209, 210, 211, 227, 232, 234, 291, 301, 302, 305, 306, 308, 310, 313, 317, 322, 324, 325 or 492). One course may be from Christian ministries courses (BCM105, 215, 216, 241, 253, 260, 275, 277, 314, 315, 318, 320, 321, 360 or 377).