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Social Work Courses


Provisional declaration of the major may be made at the time of application or enrollment to Gordon College. However, specific admission requirements must be met before a student may move from provisional status to formal acceptance as a social work major, including submission of the social work major application form. Admission to and continuance in the social work program is subject to an ongoing evaluation of the fit between the student, the program and the social work profession. Self-evaluation and self-selection are encouraged through both the advising process and program requirements. An overall GPA of at least 2.25 is required for admission to the social work program. Upon admission into the program, an overall GPA of 2.0 must be maintained to continue in the program. For further information, contact the Social Work Department.

The social work degree program consists of two parts: social work major courses and Core curriculum specifications. See specifications below. Previous volunteer or paid employment cannot be substituted for Gordon practica.
Social Work Major (56 credits)

SWK201 Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare
SWK202 Human Behavior and the Social Environment
SOC221/SWK221 Power, Prestige and Poverty
SOC232/SWK232 Diversity in U.S. Populations
SWK301 Helping Theories and Practice with Individuals and Families
SWK302 Theory and Practice with Groups and Organizations
SOC310/SWK310 Statistics for Social Research
SOC311/SWK311 Social Research Methods
SOC322/SWK322 Social Policy and Institutions
SWK401 Community and Sustainability
SWK420 Practicum Seminar
SWK425, 426 Practicum I, II

Core Curriculum Specifications (6 credits)
In addition to fulfilling the other Core curriculum requirements laid out by the College, social work majors must take NSM220 Human Biology, Health and Disease or NSM222 Environmental Science (by permission), and a 100-level sociology course.


Social work majors are encouraged to complete a double major in sociology. This is easily facilitated by the requirement of only 16 additional credits beyond those already required for the social work major. Additional courses required for the sociology double major are:

SOC285 Foundations of Sociological Thought
SOC411 Contemporary Social Theory
Sociology electives (8 credits)


Minor or Concentration in Gender Studies
The department encourages majors with special interest in how conceptions of gender shape perceptions, interactions, and social institutions, to pursue an interdisciplinary minor or concentration in gender studies. Sociology majors may complete a concentration; social work majors may earn a minor in Gender Studies. For more information see the Interdisciplinary/Off-Campus Programs section of the catalog.

Minor in Peace and Conflict Studies
Majors who anticipate engaging in peacemaking work in professional or nonprofessional settings, or who are considering graduate study in the field, are encouraged to pursue an interdisciplinary minor in peace and conflict transformation. For more information see the Interdisciplinary/Off-Campus Programs section of the catalog.

Minor in Sustainable Development
The department encourages majors interested in working or pursuing graduate study in the field of development to undertake an interdisciplinary minor in sustainable development. For more information see the Interdisciplinary/Off-Campus Programs section of the catalog.