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History Courses

History students benefit from a rich selection of integrated courses that include the foundations and development of Western society as well as global cultures. Living on Boston's historic North Shore in the heart of New England provides students with a host of beyond-the-classroom learning opportunities through historical sites, libraries, museums, and more. Click here to see Course Descriptions >>

History majors are required to take 36 credits of historical offerings beyond the core requirements. The following must be included in the course selections:

HIS492 Colloquium in Historiography
Eight credits from the following Advanced Seminars:
HIS291 International Seminar: History of Ancient and Modern Greek Culture
and Christianity in the Aegean
HIS491 Advanced Seminar: American History
HIS493 Advanced Seminar: Modern European History
HIS494 Advanced Seminar: Medieval and Early Modern History
HIS495, 496  Advanced Seminar: Ancient History I, II
One of the following (4 credits):
History of Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America
HIS240 Christianity and the Modern World: A Historical View
HIS245 History of Africa
HIS250 History of Latin America
HIS341 Eastern Europe, Byzantium and the Caucasus
HIS344 Medieval Islam and the Middle East
HIS371 Selected Topic (if appropriate topic)


At least 4 credits each from three of the following five categories:
History of the Ancient and Classical World
HIS213 History of Egypt and the Ancient Near East in the Bronze Age
HIS214 History of Ancient Greece
HIS216 History of Ancient Rome
HIS291 International Seminar History of Ancient and Modern Greek Culture and Christianity
in the Aegean
HIS315 Ancient Belief and the Earliest Christian Church
History of Medieval Europe
HIS219 Medieval Europe
HIS331 History of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales
HIS341 Eastern Europe, Byzantium and the Caucasus
History of Early Modern and Modern Europe
HIS221 Renaissance and Reformation Europe
HIS226 Early Modern Europe, 1555-1789
HIS227 Modern Europe, 1789-Present
HIS240 Christianity and the Modern World: A Historical View
HIS291 International Seminar History of Ancient and Modern Gerrk Culture and Christianity in the Aegean
HIS318 Women, Religion, and the Family in the Early Modern Period
HIS332 Modern Britain
HIS335 Modern Germany
United States History
HIS231 Introduction to African-American History
HIS232 America 1492-1846
HIS234 America 1846-1941
HIS237 America: 1941-Present
HIS247 Britain and America in the MIddle East
HIS310/POL310 American Foreign Policy
HIS321 American Thought and Society
Public History and Museum Studies
HIS390 Public History and Museum Studies
HIS391 Museum Management

The remainder of the major requirement consists of eight credits of history electives. Majors anticipating graduate study in history are encouraged to elect additional history courses as well as to develop relevant language and research skills. History majors are strongly encouraged to pursue intermediate-level language study in French, German, Italian, Greek, or Latin.

Four elective credits toward the history major may be fulfilled by a language course beyond the core requirement, either at the intermediate level of the core language or at the introductory level of a second language.

The department encourages highly qualified majors with junior standing to consider pursuing history honors, which entails preparation of a research thesis under the guidance of a faculty director during two of the student’s last four terms at Gordon. Minimum requirement for application to the honors program is a GPA of 3.65 in the major and 3.00 overall by the first half of the student’s junior year, plus academic excellence and good writing skills as demonstrated in previous course work. Pending departmental approval of a student's research proposal, the candidate will enroll in HIS471,472 Research I,II, develop a substantial thesis paper, and defend the thesis orally to  department faculty and fellow students. See the History Honors page for further information.

International Seminar: History of Ancient and Modern Greek Culture and Christianity in the Aegean
This intensive four-week course includes living and traveling in mainland Greece, the Aegean islands, and Turkey. Focuses on ancient Greek historical cultures (Bronze Age, Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic, Roman and later), New Testament historical backgrounds, and modern European/Mediterranean history and culture in a variety of Greek cities and smaller towns (longest stays are in Thessaloniki and Athens). Students study and integrate all three fields but choose a concentration in one. Combines classroom study, site visits, research, interviews, and travel. (Offered alternate years, late summer.) Contact Professor Wick, History Department, and the Global Education Office to apply. With COR210,211 fulfills core Global Understanding theme.

International Seminar: Development in Modern China
The Economics and Business Department and the History Department offer an intensive combination of study and travel to China, focusing on one of the world’s largest economies. Students prepare through meetings and assigned reading during the spring semester, then travel to key sites of historical and economic development interest. Earns 4 semester hours of credit through either the Economics and Business Department or History Department. Contact Global Education Office to apply. Fulfills core Global Understanding theme with COR210, 211.

Students seeking licensure in Massachusetts as a teacher of history or social studies at the middle school or secondary education level should take HIS232, HIS234, HIS237, GEG210, and either HIS378 or HIS495 (ancient science topic). It is recommended that students seeking licensure at the elementary level take HIS232, HIS234, HIS237. Four history credits may be waived under special circumstances for double majors in history and education or music education.

Requirements for the Minor in History
Minors are required to complete 20 credits of historical offerings beyond the core requirements, including 4 credits from the following: HIS291, 491, 493, 494, 495, 496.

Minor in Classical Studies
Majors in history are urged to consider the interdisciplinary minor in Classical Studies. Requires 24 credits of Latin language plus two additional courses from selection of ancient history, classical literature, and philosophy courses. In Latin IV students study original texts relating to their fields of specialty. For more information and requirements see Interdisciplinary and Off-Campus Curriculum in the Course Catalog. Contact , Languages and Linguistics.

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