Current MMEd Students


What are the guidelines for transferring graduate credits?
You may transfer a maximum of six (6) graduate credit hours from another accredited music education program with the approval of the Program Director. Official transcripts must be received by the director in order for the credit(s) to be approved. Your credits will be eligible for transfer only if they are less than five years old and the grade earned is B- or better. The credits will be applied as electives and cannot be used in place of a required course.

Do I have to register for the Lab Ensemble?
Yes, all students must register for Lab Ensemble each of the three summers. This rehearsal seminar permits music teachers to be music makers, allowing you to learn from one another and the instructor(s) involved. The ensemble may be band, chorus or general music on any given day of the week and all students must participate in all forms of the ensemble.
NOTE: Students who do not play a wind instrument will be assigned to percussion.

How many credits can I earn during the July workshop week?
A maximum of 3 credits may be earned each summer during workshop week. Each 2 ½-day workshop can be taken for 1.5 graduate credits. Students must submit a paper to the Program Director for each workshop in order to receive credit.

When will I officially graduate?
If you complete the Field-Based Experience before your final summer of classes you will graduate on September 15th. If you complete the FBE after your final summer of classes, you will graduate in December or May depending on whether you do a fall or spring FBE.

NOTE: The MMEA Conference is scheduled for March 1–3, 2012. If you are a current student and you want to earn elective credit for the conference, you may register for credit using the online form up until the first day of the conference. If you are not a Gordon graduate, you must register before or during the conference using the paper registration form.

Current Students


Field Based Experience Contract (PDF)
Required before beginning your FBE

Field Based Experience Manual (DOC)
Comprehensive Requirements for Capstone Course

General Music Seminar Application (PDF)
Prerequisite for taking the General Music Seminar

Graduation Application (PDF)
Due August 1, even if you will not attend Commencement

Special Topics (PDF)
Use this to register for Special Topics (summer only)

Transcript Request Form (PDF)
Use this form to request official transcripts

Transfer Credit Form (PDF)
Use this form to transfer graduate credit from another institution