Theatre Faculty


"The small size provides more opportunities than a larger department would. This also allows students to work closely with professionals and get a glimpse of what theatre is like outside of Gordon."

"I appreciate that we're given the tools and opportunities to grow and succeed, because the faculty inspire us to be brilliant."

"I particularly value their care for me as an actor as well as a person, exemplified by the chance to meet and talk with faculty in the end-of-year review. I feel that I am important and cared for in this department."

"While they help facilitate the cultivating of students' passions, the department faculty become involved in students' lives in a caring, loving, and mentoring way. We are given responsibility with every show. The amount of trust and faith that our professors put in us is both daunting and welcome. The proverbial ball is in our court and it is up to us to hit it back with all of our effort and being."