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Kinesiology Faculty

Donna Clark

Adjunct Professor of Kinesiology

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Sean Clark

Professor of Kinesiology
Chair, Department of Kinesiology

Dr. Clark joined the kinesiology faculty at Gordon College in 2000 and serves as the department chair. Dr. Clark teaches courses that focus on the neurophysiological and mechanical basis of human movement. He also serves as the Director for the Gordon College Center for Balance Mobility and Wellness.  

Dr. Clark’s research interests focus broadly on the coordination and multisensory control of posture and orientation. His most r ... more ➔

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Thomas Faulds, MSPT, ATC

Adjunct In Kinesiology

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Peter Harmeling, PT, SCS, ATC

Adjunct In Kinesiology

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Peter Iltis

Professor of Kinesiology and Horn

Peter Iltis joined the faculty of Gordon College in 1983 and holds a variety of scholarly interests both within the discipline of kinesiology and in music. His research projects have included such diverse interests as reliability and validity in the measurement of bioenergetics, movement disorders such as focal task specific dystonia (in musicians), body composition assessment techniques, the use of computer-assisted visual feedback in French ... more ➔

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Jessica Ventura

Assistant Professor of Kinesiology

Jessica Dawn Ventura joined the Gordon College faculty in 2010 after earning a doctorate degree from The University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Ventura specializes in biomechanics, with an emphasis in computational modeling and simulation of human gait. She has published research in assessing the effect of prosthetic feet on the walking gait of unilateral amputees and muscle coordination during turning of both amputees and heal ... more ➔

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