Gordon in Orvieto

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Gordon IN Orvieto


The Gordon IN Orvieto semester program hopes to foster in our students an attitude of responsive looking and listening for signs of new life in the traditions inhabited by artists, poets, saints, and mystics of the past, especially those of pre-modern Europe in Italy. With a discerning eye neither nostalgic nor ironic, we wish to explore the disintegrated fragments of the classical-Christian civilization of the West, raiding the past in order to rebuild the present.


Focus on one class at a time for deeper connections with the material.


Workshop your art and writing in a collaborative setting.


Form deep relationships in a community of locals, students and teachers.

Set atop an oval mesa of eroded volcanic tufa and commanding spectacular vistas of the surrounding Umbrian countryside, the town of Orvieto has been continuously occupied for at least two-and-a-half millennia. LEARN MORE >>

Christa Johnson

Instead of snapping a photo and moving on, my professors taught me how to enter into the space and truly see the world around me, from sunsets, to shadows on the Corso, to ancient art in Rome and Italian children's smiles.”
—Christa Johnson ’14


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