Alumni Association Constitution


All graduates as well as students who attended Gordon College or Barrington College for at least one full year shall be members of the Association. The Association exists to establish and carry out means by which the College can regularly communicate with and serve alumni and to provide a mechanism through which the alumni may communicate with and serve the College.

The Association shall:

  • Promote Gordon College mission objectives, philosophy of education, statement of faith, life and conduct and serve as preserver and conveyor of the heritage of Gordon and Barrington Colleges.
  • Involve alumni in the attainment of all Association goals.
  • Create and maintain an awareness of alumni responsibility to provide strong support (service, prayer and financial) to Gordon College.
  • Support and assist in the recruitment of qualified students.
  • Recognize distinguished alumni service and career achievement.
  • Support Gordon College in student and alumni career development programs.
  • Through interaction with alumni, educate students about the rewards and responsibilities of a lifelong relationship with Gordon College.
  • Provide opportunity for the development of a creative community for alumni who have a common collegiate experience.

The annual meeting of the Association will occur at Homecoming and an annual report shall be given, announcing the new Alumni Board members and approval of constitution or by-laws will be given, and consideration of any other business will be allowed. Special meetings of the Association shall be called by the Alumni Board or ten members of the Alumni Association upon 30 days written notice to the membership.


I. Officers
The officers of the Association of Alumni shall be a president, vice-president, and recording secretary, elected by and from the Board of Directors for two-year terms.

The officers may not serve more than two consecutive terms as officers.

II. Board of Directors of the Association of Alumni
The Board of Directors (Board) shall consist of the officers of the Association, at least 15 elected members at large, the past president, the alumni executive and senior class president ex officio. Members shall serve a three-year term. The past president shall serve a one-year term.

The College administrator who is responsible for the daily administration of alumni affairs and the senior class president shall be ex officio members.

The Board shall meet at least four times a year to carry out the business of the Association, and shall submit an annual report of the Association activities at the annual meeting. The Board shall establish standing and ad-hoc committees as needed to fulfill the mission and objectives of the Association.

The Association president shall appoint a nominating committee of at least six (6) alumni who shall solicit and prepare nominations for Board vacancies. These nominations shall reflect the diversity of members of the Association. A mail ballot shall be sent to the Alumni Association to be returned within fifteen (15) days of the annual meeting.

The Board may, by a two-thirds vote, fill any vacancies caused by death, resignation, or inactive service in its own membership.