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Summit Student Application Form

Summit Student Application

Thank you for your interest in the Summit Program. Please read the instructions carefully and fill out the application completely. Feel free to contact us anytime for more information by emailing summit@gordon.edu.

The Summit Application requires the following both the Student Application and one Peer Reference.

1. Legal Name (First):

2. Middle Name:

3. Last Name:

4. Nickname:

5. Address:

6. City/Town:

7. State:

8. Zip Code:

9. Phone Number

10. Email Address:

11. Alternative Email:

12. High School

13. Year


14. Church Name:

15. I have been a part of this church since:

16. Church Address

17. Church City

18. Church State

19. Church Zip:

20. Church website:

21. Senior Pastor's Name:

22. Youth Pastor's Name:

23. Have you travelled internationally?


24. Are you a US citizen?


25. If "no" Country of Citizenship:

26. Do you have a current passport?


27. Are you an alumni of the Compass Program?


28. Passport expiration date:

29. Do you have a certified birth certificate?


30. Date of Birth:

31. Will you be a freshman in college this year?


32. If "yes", what college are you planning to attend?

33. Father/Guardian Name:

34. Father/Guardian Address:

35. Father/Guardian Email:

36. Father/Guardian Phone:

37. Mother/Guardian Name:

38. Mother/Guardian Address:

39. Mother/Guardian Phone

40. Mother/Guardian Email:

41. Applicant resides with:


42. If "other" please explain:

43. Please type your responses to the following questions on a separate document. Your answers should be thorough but concise and show deep thought. To submit your answers, save your document as a PDF and name it “firstinitial:lastname.pdf” (ex: John Smith would save his: jsmith.pdf). Email this document to summit@gordon.edu . You should receive confirmation of your application’s completion in a few days.

1. If a stranger were to ask why you’re a Christian, what would you say?

2. What do you think is required to live in community with others?

3. If a close friend had upset or hurt you, and was aware of it but not apologetic, how would you respond? Is there a situation in which this has taken place? If so, what happened?

4. What is one cultural/social issue you’ve taken a keen interest in over the past year and why?

5. In the past year, what has been the most impactful book/movie/song/album/TV show/blog (pick one) for you and why?

6. What are three goals you have for your first year of college?

Have you completed your responses to the above questions and emailed them to summit@gordon.edu?