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Parent Agreement Form

Compass Parent Agreement Form

The parent agreement form is to be completed by the student’s parents or legal guardians. If the student resides with parents in separate households, the form is to be completed by the parent/guardian with legal custody. In cases of split custody, both parents are required to complete the form.

PLEASE NOTE: This form requires the online portion and responses to essay prompts which are submitted separately. These should be attached to an email and sent to compass@gordon.edu. The subject line should include the applicant's name along with the name of the form (ex: "John Doe Parent Form").

1. Student's name:

2. Legal Name (First):

3. Middle Name:

4. Last Name:

5. Nickname:

6. Address:

7. City/Town:

8. State:

9. Zip Code:

10. Phone Number

11. Email Address:

12. Applicant resides with:


13. If "other" please explain:

14. Please answer the following questions on a separate document, then email them to compass@gordon.edu.

1) Why do you support your child's participation in the Compass program?

2) What is your understanding of the Compass program?

Have you submitted these responses on a separate document, attached to an email and sent to compass@gordon.edu?