FAQ: On-campus Housing

When will new students receive their housing assignments and information?
Housing assignments will be made in late June and mailed out in early July.

Can I request a roommate?
Yes. Simply write their name in the requested roommate space on your housing card and have them do the same.

Can I request a specific residence hall?
You may request a specific hall, but there is not a guarantee you will receive your preference. Assignments are made for new students based on deposit date and available space.

I am a new transfer student, how will I be assigned to housing?
You will be placed in housing with either another new transfer or a returning student roommate. Transfers are not assigned freshman roommates unless they specifically request it. If you will be either a junior or 20 years old by Sept. 1 and you would like to live in an apartment on campus, please email the  to submit a request for an apartment placement.


Be sure to view the Housing Selection Flow Chart for additional information!



Can I reserve my current room if I don't have a roommate?
No. You must have a roommate selected in order to reserve your current room or request a different room in your hall. You must have the correct number of people to reserve a room (i.e. two for a double, three for a triple, etc.)

Can I reserve both rooms of a suite for me and three friends?
No. You may only reserve one room of a suite

What is "Reserve and Appeal"?
After you and your roommate(s) have reserved your current room, you may submit an appeal to your RD for another room or floor in your building, or a space in another hall. Appeals will be granted at the discretion of your RD and the housing office and are not guaranteed.

If I submit an appeal and it isn't approved, what happens?
You will simply stay in the room you reserved.

During the lottery, can I sign up for a room by myself (single)?
No. Single spaces will be at a premium this year, and therefore will be given to those who demonstrate a physical need for a single space. There will be a single room application process before room reservation and the lottery.

During the lottery, do I have to have a roommate to sign up for a room?
No. You may sign up on your own for any available space.


Can I reserve my apartment?
You may not reserve your current room if you live in Bromley or Tavilla apartments.

How do we apply if my friends are away on off-campus programs this semester?
Write their names on the application and indicate their current program on the signature line. They will need to email the Director of Housing to submit their housing preferences.

How are apartments awarded?
Apartments are awarded in order of point total for each type of apartment (4-person, 6-person, etc.). Points are determined by age as of Sept. 1, 2014 and current class standing. Each individual on an application will be given points using the following scale:
Eligible (20+ or junior/senior)               1 point
Current Sophomore                             2 points
Current Junior                                     3 points
Current Senior                                     4 points
23+ years old                                      1 point
Full-time, off campus program credit      1 point
Example: An application for a 4-person apartment (17 total points):
Student 1 (20, junior) – 4 pts.             Student 3 (20, soph) – 3 pts.
Student 2 (24, junior) – 5 pts.             Student 4 (19, junior, student teacher) – 5 pts.

How many points do we need to get an apartment?
It's all relative - there is no "magical number" of points that will guarantee you an apartment. Every year, the number of points needed is different because the groups applying are different. In general, the older and more upper class students you have on your application, the better your chances are of qualifying. Over the past several years, it has been very difficult for an application with all current sophomores (juniors next year) to qualify. If this is true of your group you can still apply, but should be thinking of your other options as well.

What is a plus-one apartment and will priority be given to those groups?
A plus-one apartment is an apartment with an extra person (five people in a four-person apartment, etc.). Roughly one-third of the apartments on campus will be designated as plus-one apartments for the 2014-2015 school year. The designated apartments will be filled with plus-one applicant groups.

What is the discount for plus-one apartments?
For the 2014-2015 school year, the discount is as follows:
-10% reduction for the entire apartment
-Additional 5% discount for the specific room that houses the extra person (ex. If the extra person lives in a double with two other people, those three roommates will receive the additional discount).

What housing choices do I have if I don't get an apartment?
All traditional residence hall choices are still available to you if you don't get an apartment. You can still reserve your current room, submit an appeal for another room or floor in your current hall, or simply show up on lottery night and take your pick of any open spot on campus (except for apartments and living/learning centers).

We don't have a whole group for an application. Can we leave spaces open and request that transfer or consortium students be placed with us?
No. Applications must be complete (6 people for a 6-person apartment, 4 for a 4-person, etc.). If you are looking for people with whom to apply, check out the "Gordon Roommate Search 2014" facebook page for listings of people looking for apartment groups. You may also post a listing yourself if you are looking for a group with whom to apply.


Can I live off-campus?
Gordon College requires all full-time students to live on-campus. We do realize that living on campus is not possible for all students due to various life circumstances. To address these specific needs, students who are 23 or older, married, or living at home are automatically approved as commuters. Other students who wish to commute must submit an Off-Campus Housing Application to the Director of Housing. No student should commit to a lease before being approved. Gordon College is not responsible for leases signed or money paid before being approved by the Director of Housing. Once approved to live off-campus, students may not participate in any other part of the housing process.

Will I be approved if I don't meet the automatic criteria?
Most likely. It is anticipated that on-campus housing will be very full for the fall, so a large number of non-automatic commuters will be approved.

Do I have to know exactly where I will be living off-campus?
No. In fact, you should not sign a lease until after you are approved to live off-campus. If you are approved, you are required to submit your off-campus address to CSD by September 15, 2014.

If I am applying to live off-campus, do I need to pay a housing deposit?
If you do not meet the automatic approval criteria you are required to pay a housing deposit so that you will be eligible for on-campus housing in the event your off-campus application is not approved. If you are approved as a commuter, your deposit will be refunded.