URC Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the maximum amount of funding a student can receive from the URC?

A: Students presenting research at a conference may receive up to $1,000, and students simply attending a conference may receive up to $250.

Q: What kinds of expenses can the URC pay for?

A: The URC can reimburse students for conference registration fees, transportation to and from conferences, hotel expenses, and meals. Students must submit receipts for their expenses in order to receive funding.

Q: Can a student apply for funding if he or she has already gone to the conference?

A: Yes. Provided that one has kept the receipts, he or she can still go through the application process.

Q: Can a student apply for funding if the conference is part of a class trip?

A: No. Unfortunately, students may not be awarded funding for a conference that is a mandatory component of a class. Money for such a conference counts as tuition funds and cannot be supplemented with student activity funds, which finance the URC. Student activity funds may only be given to extracurricular activities.

Q: Can a student apply for funding for multiple conferences in a given school year?

A: Yes, but URC may not award more than $1,000 to any single student presenter and $250 to any single student attendee within the same academic year, regardless of how many conferences he or she attends. The student may apply for funding for multiple conferences within the same academic year but may only be reimbursed up to $1,000 total for presentations and $250 total for attendances. A student who both presents and attends multiple conferences in the same academic year may receive up to $1,250 total.

Q: How does the URC handle a group of students attending the same conference?

A: Multiple students applying for funding for the same conference must fill out separate applications but may be interviewed as a group.

Q: What does the URC require of students who receive funding from them?

A: Students receiving funding must give a report of the experience at the conference. If the student presented at the conference, he or she must present their research in some way to the Gordon community. If he or she simply attended the conference, the student must write up a report of his or her experience at the conference. The URC also collects headshots and information of students to whom they award funding. This information may be used in an annual or semiannual press release of what the URC is doing.

Q: What are some ways students may share their research at Gordon?

A: Often, students present their original research at Symposium Day, submit their papers to Princemere, or give their papers as a senior thesis presentation. Students attending conferences may write an article for the Tartan about their experience.

Q: What does the application process entail?

A: The student submits an application for funding and soon after sits for an interview with the URC. If the URC approves the application, the student then signs a contract detailing how much money the student has been awarded and how the student will present his or her research at Gordon. After the conference, the student gives his or her conference expense receipts to the URC, and the student should receive a check within a couple weeks. For more information, see the URC Procedures Guide.

Q: Where can one find the URC applications for funding?

A: Both URC applications can be found at www.gordon.edu/research/campus.