Kinesiology Club Photo


Goal 1:

General Health Awareness

Within the major of Kinesiology, the classes offer a fountain of knowledge that we want to share with the student body.

We want information and tips on how to manage healthy eating in the cafeteria, how to exercise on campus, how to maintain good sleeping habits despite pulling all-nighters, and more, to be available to all those interested who may not otherwise be exposed to the information by offering group events and outings, hosting presentations, creating posters and flyers for our seminar room, and through various other outlets.

Goal 2:

Spiritual Growth Related to Physical Wellbeing

We believe a crucial part of maintaining a healthy physical body is to nurture our spirit. This is why we hope to offer peer-mentoring at designated hours throughout the week and devotionals for motivation to continue fighting the good fight.

Goal 3:


We want to offer study group hours for students taking any Kinesiology classes who are seeking help or just a place to study with peers.

We hope to offer a peer mentoring atmosphere to connect different members of the club in a more personal, individual way.

We also hope to connect students interested in pursuing a career related to Kinesiology with alumni and professionals in the healthcare field via social media sites annd other outlets.