Mini Golf Open Home

Each season there will be a new mini-golf course that everyone can go to! After you play, signup on IMLeagues and bring your filled out scorecard to the Bennett Center and drop it in the Rec-IM bin behind the front desk. Make sure everyone on the scorecard signs and prints their names on the back. If you go multiple times, keep handing in your scorecards whenever you beat your score so we can update it!

After each season we will add up the scores of everyone who completed the course and the lowest scorer will receive 15 points for their dorm. After all 3 seasons we will add up the scores of everyone who completed all 3 courses and the top 5 will compete in a final extreme golf course. The winner of that will also receive 15 points for their dorm as well as a championship shirt!

Round 1: The first course is Mill Pond (the left side) at Richardson's! The address is 156 South Main Street in Middleton MA. From Gordon you take 128 south and get off exit 25B. From there you just follow that road until you get to Richardson's which will be on your right.

Round 2: The second course is at Monster Mini Golf in Danvers! 10 Newbury St. (Rte. 1 South in the Big Lots Plaza, behind Habor Frieght Tools & Chili's).

The deadline for scorecards for this course is March 10th at 11 p.m.!