Information Security Basics


  1. Never, never share your password.
  2. CTS will NEVER ask you for your Gordon Password, do not share it with ANYONE, including CTS Staff.
  3. Change your password often to help maintain your security.  You will be required to change your password at least once a year at Gordon, but changing it more often will improve the security on your account.  We recommend a password change of every three months.
  4. Use a unigue password for your Gordon Account.  Make it separate from your Facebook or any other services.


  1. Don't fall for the pretend email that tells you are out of email quota, that someone just left  you one million dollars, or your personal information needs to be verified.  Be suspicious of any unsolicited email asking you for any information.  These emails should be deleted immediately.  Do not click on any link that lead you to pages that ask for your personal information or passwords.  Browse to the known login page of the site, or call the institution to verify any emails.
  2. Do not send personal iInformation (PI)  by email or social media.  They are not considered secure.


  1. Do not leave yourself logged in on a computer or device and then walk away.  Make sure to log out fully before stepping away from a computer so others will not have access to you accounts or resources.
  2. NEVER leave your computer or device unattended and unsecured, even for a moment.  Gordon College is a safe place, Occasionally, we have had computers and/or devices (such as Tablets or Smartphones) taken when they have been left in public places (Lane for example).
  3. Use passwords, PIN codes and Screen Locks (for example Pattern Technology if you device supports it) on all your Technology to prevent unauthorized access.  When possible, enable services such as ' Find My Device...' readily available.  If you have trouble finding this feature, please contact CTS at  or x4500. 
  4. Please alert CTS at  or x4500 immediately if you device is lost or stolen.  We have the ability to 'Remotely Wipe' your device to help prevent unauthorized access


Data Security