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Wiffleball Rules

 Wiffleball Rules


  • Must be submitted on Gordon Intramurals website by deadline
  • Teams have one week after the first games to adjust their roster
  • Teams may have a max of 2 free agents (players not from the team’s dorm affiliation with only a max of one being a varsity athlete)
  • Gordon-Conwell and Staff teams may sign up but will be ineligible from playoffs
  • Seminary students, teachers, and staff members count as free agents (RDs are an exception)
  • No player can play for more than one team, even if they are in separate leagues
  • No more than two varsity Softball or Baseball players may play on a team


  • Only team captain can bring issues to the umpire
  • Teams will receive a score of 1-5 (5 = best, 1 = worst) for their sportsmanship each game
  • A score of 2 will be reported to the staff and they will speak with the captain
  • A score of 1 will be reported to the staff and Greg Scruton and the captain must meet with them in person (a second score of 1 results in removal from the league)
  • In order to qualify for playoffs, teams must have a 3.0 sportsmanship average
  • Teams with a 4.0 or higher average at the end of the season will receive All-Hall points

Forfeit Policy:

  • Teams are allowed 2 forfeits before being removed from the league and stripped of their All-Hall points (On nights where there are 3 or more games, if the team misses less than half of the games they will only be given a half a forfeit)
  • Please notify Rec-IM through email if you know your team will forfeit ahead of time


  • Teams must have 4 players present to begin the game
  • There must always be at least one girl on the field and in the batting lineup
  • Teams may have no more than 5 players on the field at a time
  • The batting team must provide a pitcher. If the fielding team does not want to use a catcher then the batting team must provide one too
  • The batting lineup must consist of all players present and be consistent throughout the game
  • Players may be substituted amongst positions and bench players at any timeout in the game
  • After the first time through the lineup, the batting lineup is set and may not have an additions of late coming players.  Late players may be used as fielders but cannot hit

The Game:

  • The captains will begin the game with rock, paper, scissors to determine who is the home team
  • Games will consist of 5 innings or 50 minutes, whichever comes first
  • No new inning may start after 40 minutes
  • If necessary, extra innings (only 2 outs) will be played until time is up at which the game will be called a tie
  • If in the bottom of the 3rd the home team is ahead by 12 runs or after the bottom of the 3rd the away team is ahead by 12 runs, the game will be called under the mercy rule
  • The umpire has the final say on any play
  • Metal cleats are not allowed


  • Pitchers may pitch overhand or underhand
  • Each batter gets 5 pitches max to hit one in play
  • Bunting is illegal as any ball that does not pass the pitcher's mound after it stops counts as a foul ball
  • There are no walk or hit by pitch bases awarded
  • Strikeouts are only if the batter cannot get the ball in play after 5 pitches
  • Once the ball is hit, the batting team's pitcher and possible catcher may not touch the ball or interfere with the play. If the ball hits the pitcher it is still in play unless the umpire decides the pitcher had time to move or interefered, then the batter will be out
  • Any ball caught in the air is considered an out and all baserunners must return to their base before attempting to advance
  • The infield fly rule is in effect when there are less than 2 outs. If the ball is popped up in the infield beyond the pitcher with less than 2 outs, the batter is automatically out once the ump calls infield fly
  • Outs also occur when a base runner is tagged with the ball when they are off the base or if the ball is secured and a defender tags the base on a force play, before the runner makes it to the base
  • There is no pegging, leading, or stealing
  • If the runner over-runs first base to the right they are safe. If they over-run first base to the left they are in play
  • If the ball goes out of play then each baserunner can advance one base
  • If a fielder interferes with a runner by standing in the basepaths, the batter is automatically awarded an extra base at the end of the play. This also includes no blocking the plate 

Playoff Eligibility:

  •  Players must play in half of the regular season games to be eligible for playoffs
  • Make sure players sign in with their name and ID number so that it will count