Code of Conduct

Rec-IM referees are expected to exhibit a Christ-like attitude and work-ethic both on and off all Rec-IM courts and fields of play

Responsibilities include:

  • Knowing all the sport-specific rules as well as Rec-IM policies and procedures, including disciplinary policies
  • Holding a position of authority in all calls and disputes at each game he or she refs
  • Being respectful and understanding to players, coaches, and fans without sacrificing fairness of competition
  • Enforcing the rules and calling the game to the best of their ability with no bias
  • Putting complete attention into the game and making sure safety is a top priority
  • Striving to achieve maximum teamwork with fellow officials
  • Attending all mandatory meetings
  • Working at every game they are scheduled for or otherwise finding a substitute and contacting the Referee Coordinator
  • Attending to injuries, calling public safety if necessary and filling out injury reports
  • Arriving at least 10 minutes before game time to do pregame preparations
    - Pregame preparations may include setting up the court or field and signing in each participant on the game sheet with their ID number
  • Being respectful to other refs while he or she is watching or playing in a game
  • Being a leader on his or her team, always supporting and backing up Rec-IM and its workers
  • Bringing up any issues or ideas to the Student Director or Director of Rec-IM