Sportsmanship and Discipline

Sportsmanship Policy

In order to maximize accountability, REC-IM has a strictly enforced sportsmanship policy. The referees play a huge part in this as they rate the actions of the team from 1-5 (very poor - poor - fair - good - excellent). Any time that a team receives a very poor, the League Coordinator and Officials Coordinator must be contacted and given a report. If a team receives a second rating of very poor they will be removed from the league and will lose all-hall points accumulated during competition.

In order to qualify for the playoffs, a team must have a sportsmanship average of 3 or above.
Any team that has an average of 4 or higher will be given a 5-point sportsmanship bonus and any team that receives all 5s will be given a 15-point bonus. If a team receives a score below 3 in the playoffs, that game will be counted as an automatic forfeit and the other team will proceed in the playoffs.




The purpose of the disciplinary policy is twofold. First, it is in place to ensure that students will be able to compete in an atmosphere that is both competitive and enjoyable. Secondly, and more importantly the disciplinary policy is a tangible way to maintain accountability within the body of Christ. This policy is not legalistic or retributive, but instead gracefully offers a corrective to behavior that is not in line with our Lord's teaching.

Any person associated with REC-IM, whether it is the REC-IM Staff, REC-IM Officials, Student/Faculty/Staff Participants or Spectators, will be held accountable to Gordon’s Code of Conduct and the REC-IM Disciplinary Policy.

Zero Tolerance Policy

The captain is the only player on the team that is allowed to address the officials. This must be done in a respectful manner. If any player on a team has a problem or a question that they need to discuss with the officials, they should do so through the captain.

If any player approaches an opposing player or official in an antagonistic manner or disrespectful manner, they will immediately receive an automatic unsportsmanlike conduct foul and be subject to the penalties outlined below in the Zero Tolerance Foul Language Policy. These penalties can be given to a player who is in or out of the game. If a team accumulates three unsportsmanlike conduct fouls over the course of a season, they will not be allowed to participate in the sport anymore. If a team is removed from the league, they will lose all of their registration points and the teams who have a scheduled game against them will receive an automatic win.

Zero Tolerance Foul Language Policy

Any player or spectator who uses profane, offensive, disrespectful, insulting, vulgar or abusive language or gestures will be given a warning and asked to sit out until halfway through the game (if the offense occurs during the second half they will sit out for the rest of the game). If later during that game the same player commits another offense they will be ejected from the game and asked to leave the premises (i.e. any venue the event is taking place in/on). In the case of a spectator committing the second offense they will be asked to leave the premises.

After this incident his/her slate will NOT be wiped clean. If another offense is committed by the player in the week following their warning or ejection they will be asked to immediately leave the premises and will not be allowed to play/watch the next team scheduled game.

After 3 offenses have been committed, if a player commits another offense they will be removed from the league and asked to leave the premises for the remaining games/season of that league or recreation event.

If in a later REC-IM sanctioned event this player/spectator commits an offense they will be immediately removed from the league and asked to leave the premises for the rest of the league season/post-season.

Disciplinary Procedure

Recreation-Intramurals (REC-IM) reserves the right to issue penalties as a result of actions that compromise the spirit of the game and/or the rules and expectations set forth by REC-IM. In addition to REC-IM rules and regulations, all participants are also under Gordon's Code of Conduct.

If an official(s) or any other onlooker sees an incident that deserves a penalty and needs to be addressed, they must submit an electronic report to REC-IM ( In REC-IM activities that do not have officials, any individual may send an email if they feel an incident occurred that requires disciplinary action.

The player(s) in question will then meet with the Directors to discuss the situation. Until the player(s) meets with the Directors, they will be ineligible for competition in any REC-IM sanctioned event. REC-IM reserves the right to interview anyone at the game to get the most well rounded understanding of what actually happened.

Following the meeting, the Directors will decide whether any penalties should be issued. Once that decision is made, the player(s) will be notified in writing of their penalty. If no penalty is issued the players will not receive anything in writing.


Below are several penalties for general incidents. These penalties are a guide to be used by officials when they are assessing a situation. Each situation will be handled on an individual basis based on severity.


Any player being ejected must leave the playing surface immediately. Any player that does not leave the playing surface will be subject to harsher penalties and will force his/her team to forfeit the contest.

Actions Detrimental to the Sport

Any competitor who is in violation of the intent and character of the sport or of the REC-IM program will be held responsible for actions that are detrimental to the sport. Please find examples listed below.
· The use of abusive or insulting language which provokes ill will, baits, or which provoke an opponent, spectator or official.
· Physically threatening, pushing or taunting an opponent, spectator or official.
· Repeatedly arguing with an official.
· Initiating or retaliating in a fight. Fighting includes physically striking, kicking, or attempting to do so to an opponent, spectator, or official.

Penalties for any one of these offenses listed above will follow the same ejection rules used for the Zero Tolerance Foul Language Policy.

Creating Unsafe Playing Conditions

No team should create an atmosphere, which is unsafe for themselves, the other team, or the officials. Any team that violates this rule will be forced to forfeit the said game. Additionally, the captain of the team will need to go through the disciplinary process on behalf of the entire team. Penalties could result in a removal from the league.

Verbal Abuse

Members of the opposing team and the officials should all be treated with respect and integrity. Any player that verbally abuses an opponent or an official by yelling, cursing, taunting, or using derogatory language will be subject to the process of the Zero Tolerance Foul Language Policy.

Physical Abuse

Devious physical contact between players and opponents or players and officials should never happen. Violations of this rule will be dealt with harshly. The violator must go through the disciplinary process and will also be subject to a two game suspension at the very least. They will also be referred to the Center for Student Development (CSD). If necessary, Gordon Police will be notified and asked to respond.

Mistreats Facility/Damages Equipment

All of the equipment used in REC-IM events is property of Gordon College. As such, it should be treated with respect and taken care of properly. Any player that abuses the facilities or the equipment will be subject to the disciplinary process and a one game suspension at the least. This policy includes public indecency or obscenity and is not limited to urination in public. These actions will also result in a sportsmanship rating of 1 for that team for the game.


Probation may be a supplement to any penalty issued by REC-IM. Probation means that a player may not violate any REC-IM rule or procedure without being subject to heavier penalties.


Anyone being suspended will be ineligible for a said number of events. This means that they may not compete, but can attend the event. While at the event, it is expected that the suspended player must be in accordance with all REC-IM rules and policies. A suspension shall be considered served when the player sits out the completed number of games indicated in the letter, not the number of scheduled games.

Appeal Process

Any player that disagrees with the disciplinary action taken against them has the right to appeal the decision. All appeals must be either written or submitted electronically to the Director of REC-IM, Greg Scruton ( All appeals must be filed within three business days of the date indicated on the letter