Forfeits and Cancellations

Forfeit Policy

Due to the never-ending challenges of scheduling, the Leagues Coordinator will determine the number of forfeits allowed for an individual season. A forfeit will be charged to a team if they do not show up for the game, or if they drop below the minimum number of players. The amount of time at the beginning of a game before a forfeit will be declared is decided by the Leagues Coordinator for leagues and the Recreation Coordinator for Tournaments or Recreation events. If a team exceeds the designated number of forfeits they will be docked their accumulated all-hall points and be removed from the league/recreation event.

An email needs to be sent to by the team captain if they need to forfeit a game as soon as possible.

Unlike past seasons, teams will not be able to reschedule games if they are unable to field a team. This policy is due to the size of our leagues and the never-ending problem or reserving field/court time.


Inclement Weather Policy

For sports, which are weather sensitive, REC-IM will try to make a timely and responsible cancelation decision. Every effort will be made to complete games, however, safety will always take priority. If games are canceled, REC-IM will make that decision 30 minutes before the first scheduled game. E-mail will be sent to all captains and every attempt will be made to contact them via phone as well.

Once a game begins, the referees have full discretion over the event. If in their opinion the playing conditions are no longer safe, the game will be called. Depending on when the game is called the league/tournament rules will provide a further description as to whether or not the game will be finished at a later time.