Rosters and Eligibility


Any Gordon College undergraduate is eligible to participate in a REC-IM event. Full-time Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary students, part-time Gordon College students, as well as Gordon College faculty and staff are also welcomed to compete in events hosted by REC-IM.

In order to be eligible for participation in the playoffs, a player must be listed on the team's roster and have competed in at least half of the team's games.

Roster Policy

All rosters must be submitted electronically to REC-IM via the website by the advertised registration deadline. In hopes of keeping the playing field level, REC-IM has several policies regarding a team's roster.

A team may have up to two free agents--players on their roster not from the team's hall affiliation. Seminary players may be used as free agents. A team may have one varsity athlete from that sport as a free agent.

Additionally, a team may have no more than two varsity players of that sport on their roster. For example, a wiffleball team may have no more than two varsity softball players on their roster. Coaches would fit into this category as well. Varsity athletes that are in-season for that specific Rec-IM sport may NOT participate until the season is over. Additional policies may be included in a particular league's rules. If there is an A League and a B League for that specific sport then B League may have a max of one varsity player or coach.

Players may only play for one team per event. If a player plays for a team that they are not on the roster for and the team wins, it will count as an automatic forfeit.

Team Name Policy

When submitting a roster electronically, teams will be asked to provide a team name. It is the captain’s responsibility to make sure that the team name is respectful and appropriate. Teams not only represent the league they are in, but the REC-IM program and Gordon College as a whole. Please be creative. We encourage unique names with the following stipulations:

-No vulgar, profane or derogatory language
-No references to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or violence
-No sexual references or innuendos
-No confusing terms such as BYE or CANCELED, etc.

If a team submits an inappropriate team name, an e-mail will be sent to the captain or the captain will be spoken to by a Staff member and that team will be suspended for the first game of the season and it will count as one of their forfeits.

The captain will have to change the name by the time the schedule is due to be sent out. If the captain does not change their name by the time the schedule is set to come out, the REC-IM Staff will change the name. Teams will not be allowed to compete while wearing team apparel with inappropriate names or pictures.