Valerie Gin (2013)

Professor of Recreation and Leisure Studies

This is the end of my first year at Gordon and I've met many new people, but it turns out that the two faculty receiving the awards this year were literally some of the first to wander into my office in my first days at Gordon. And they both have the common characteristic of crossing boundaries.

The Senior Distinguished Faculty Award recipient can be found almost anywhere in the world—mentoring others in places as far-ranging as South Africa or China. Beyond cultural boundary crossings, she has also been exploring the boundaries of gender and sport, and is presently working on a novel—collaboratively—around the topic of Title IX.

Always advocating for others and collaborating across departments, disciplines, and country borders, I want to announce Dr. Valerie Gin, Professor of Recreation and Leisure Studies, as the recipient of this year's Senior Distinguished Faculty Award.

Valerie Gin