Cornhole Rules

• Game is played to 21 (teams can meet or exceed that score to win)
• Teams can do rock, paper, scissors to decide who throws first
• Teams alternate each throw until all bags have been thrown
• The bag must be thrown before the foul line which is the front of the board on the thrower’s side
• The team that scored higher in the last round will throw first the next round
   o If no team scored, the team that threw first in the last round will throw first the next round
• After each player has thrown all of their bags:
   o 1 point is awarded for each bag left on the board
   o 3 points are awarded for each bag that went through the cornhole
   o The difference between the higher scorer and lower scorer is awarded to the higher scorer so             that only one player receives points each round
• A bag is foul when:
   o The player crosses in front of their foul line (the front edge of the cornhole board on their side)           during a throw
   o It hits the ground before landing on the board
   o It lands on the board but is also touching the ground
• Foul bags must be removed from the board immediately after determined foul
• Any bag displaced by a foul bag must be replaced in its original position to the best of the players’ memory
• If the first team to reach 21 was the first to throw in that frame, the other team still gets one more throw
   o If both teams reach 21 on the same throw, either the higher scoring team wins or the players           continue to alternate throws until someone reaches a higher score