Wallyball League Rules

• Must be submitted on imleagues.com/Gordon by deadline.
• Teams have one week after the first game of the season to adjust their roster.
• Teams may have a max of 2 free agents (players not from the team’s dorm affiliation) and a max of 2 varsity players.
• Gordon-Conwell as well as Staff teams may sign up but will be ineligible for playoffs.
• Seminary students, grad students, teachers and staff members count as free agents (RDs and their spouses are an exception).
• No player can play for more than one team, even if they are in separate leagues.

• Since there are no refs, team captains are accountable for bringing it to Rec-IM’s attention if a team has bad sportsmanship

Forfeit Policy:
• Teams are allowed 2 forfeits before being removed from the league and stripped of their All-Hall points

  • On nights where there are 3 or more games, if the team misses less than half of the games they will only be given a half a forfeit

• Please notify Rec-IM through email if you know your team will forfeit ahead of time

Playoff Eligibility:
• Players must play in half of the regular season games to be eligible for playoffs
• Make sure players sign in with their name and ID number so that it will count

Starting a Game:

• After both teams have arrived and signed in, they may do rock, paper, scissors to decide who serves first
• A team may have no more than 4 players on the court and 2 must be girls. A team can play with 3 as long as 2 are girls

• Rally scoring will be used, so a point will be scored on every play
• The first team to 21 wins the game. The winner must win by 2
• The match format is best 2 out of 3 games

• The server must touch their own back wall while serving
• The ball cannot hit the wall on the server’s side before going over the net
• A serve cannot hit the opponent’s back wall
• A serve cannot hit the net. Hitting the net in any way on a serve results in a point for the receiving team
• Serves may not be blocked

• Both teams should wear their dorm colors
• Teams switch sides after each game
• A team has a max of 3 hits to get the ball to the other side (blocks do not count as a hit)
• A player must hit the ball over the net, it cannot hit their own wall and go directly over
• A ball cannot hit two walls on the opponent’s side
• If a player hits the net and it affects the ball or a player’s attempt to hit the ball, that team will lose the point
• Any formation is legal but teams must rotate
• The net is in play if it is not on a serve
• A block that stays on the blocker’s side does not count as the first hit
• A blocker may reach over the net as long as it is the other team’s 3rd hit and the blocker does not touch the net

• A carry is a touch on the ball that lasts longer than a normal hit and gives the player an unfair amount of control on the ball
• The opposing team has the right to call a carry when they feel it occurred (try to give a warning first unless it is a ridiculous carry)
• The ball cannot be hit with an open hand unless it is hit with the wrist
• Any part of the body is legal. Feet, chest, and shoulders are all legal ways of keeping the play alive

*In a case of dispute, look to the rules. If the rules do not clarify the situation, replay the point*