Captain's Info

Captain Responsibilities

1. Sign up team on IMLeagues by midnight on Wednesday night for leagues and 10:00 on Friday night for tournaments

  • Make sure your roster is all players from your dorm affiliation with exception of max 2 free agents
  • See roster policy(link below) for info on varsity athletes, faculty and seminary students on rosters  
  • Check flyers and announcements for roster policies for tournaments (will vary)
  • Look for gender requirements in coed leagues and tournaments
  • Rosters will be locked one week after the league starts so make sure everyone on your team has signed up to your team on IMLeagues by then!

2. Attend Captains meeting the next evening (Thursday)

  • Check email or calendars for specific time but should be around 9 p.m.
  • If captain may not attend, some team member MUST attend and be responsible for meeting info
  • Meeting will address rules, procedures and expectations so everyone is on the same page

3. Relay information to team members

  • Let the players know of schedule updates
  • Make sure all players are aware of rules for Rec-Im and specific event

4. Represent and promote good sportsmanship for your team

  • Make sure captain and team know disciplinary policies

5. Be responsible for playing an eligible team

  • Follow roster policies as stated in responsibility #1
  • Do not allow players to play on multiple teams
  • Players must play half the season games to be eligible for playoffs
  • Change roster as Rec-Im requests to keep in-line with the rules

6. Be representative to address officials and stay in contact with Rec-Im

  • Do not have teammates complain to officials, if there is a problem, captain may address official in calm and respectful manner
  • If there is some issue off the field or court that needs addressing, email Rec-Im as soon as you can
  • Give advice or suggestions in a way you would want them given to you
  • Feel free to let us know what you and your teammates like about Rec-Im and what we are doing well, encouragement and feedback is always welcome and helps us improve Rec-Im

7. Make sure someone is filling out stats on game sheet

  • Not all but some sports keep statistics (football, basketball, soccer, frisbee)
  • These stats will determine Player of the Week, All-Stars and League MVPs
  • Follow key on game sheet and make sure stats are correct at end of game

Captain Advice

  1. Choose enough players for your team so your team will not be forced to forfeit games (Make sure there will not be too many conflicts with event times that would prevent participation)
  2. Read the rules, it will help a lot
  3. Communicate with team members so they are always on the same page
  4. Don't hesitate to ask Rec-IM any questions
  5. Keep in mind the All-Hall Point System and all specifications of that
  6. Arrive a little early to games so everything flows well and on time
  7. Keep stats or bring extra person to keep your team's stats so your teammates have a chance at Player of the Week, the All-Star Game and various other honors