China Missions


Our team will spend four weeks in South-Eastern China, leaving towards the end of summer (July-August). Our time will be split between working with a church founded by American missionaries in Guangdong and volunteering at a leper colony located on an island off the coast of Guangzhou. We will spend a little over a week with the church engaging local culture, leading small groups, and participating in church outreach programs. Afterwards, we will spend several weeks on the leper island ministering to the residents, cleaning and painting the facilities, and providing medical aid to the lepers living there. 

Our first week will be spent with the local church teaching Bible studies and doing various outreach programs. After that the trip would travel to a nearby leper village off the coast of Guangzhou. While there, the trip will minister to the lepers living there and work to clean up and repair the facilities, as well as aid in basic medicalcare (bandaging, sponge baths, cutting out infected tissue, cleaning burns,cleaning boils, etc. if a trip member has prior medical experience there isalways the need for more advanced medical procedures). The trip will be able to stay in empty rooms of the dormitories used by the leper village. There is a small group of Christian volunteers who stay at the leper village year round, but who speak little to no English and have no medical training. However, they are extremely friendly and welcome all help.

Dates are not yet finalized for this trip. More information to come.

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