Behavioral Standards

In light of the above assumptions and biblical principles of Christian conduct, the specific expectations which follow are established for students, faculty and staff of Gordon College. It will be noted that these behavioral standards distinguish between practices governed by Scripture and practices governed by consent of the community for its common good. The latter, which are established to enhance the quality of community living, are not to be confused with specific God-given directives, which are required of all Christians.

A. Practices Governed by Scripture—The following behavioral expectations are binding on all members of the Gordon community.

  1. Those words and actions which are expressly forbidden in Scripture, including but not limited to blasphemy, profanity, dishonesty, theft, drunkenness, sexual relations outside marriage, and homosexual practice, will not be tolerated in the lives of Gordon community members, either on or off campus.
  2. Members of the Gordon community will strive to overcome “sins of the spirit,” notably pride, covetousness, jealousy, lust, immodesty, as all are destructive to the unity of the Body of Christ. Instead, each member of the Gordon community will enable and help others to nurture the fruit of the Spirit—love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.
  3. Recognizing the Christian obligation to submit to governing authorities (Romans 13:1, I Peter 2:13), individuals related to Gordon College are expected to uphold the laws of the local community, the Commonwealth and the nation, except on those rare occasions wherein obedience to civil authorities would require behavior in conflict with the teaching and principles of Scripture (Acts 5:29).

B. Practices Governed by Consent of the Community for Its Common Good—In addition to behavioral obligations set forth in Scripture, members of this community choose to impose upon themselves the following rules for behavior out of the conviction that they serve both the long-range interests of this institution and the immediate good of its individual members. Violations, therefore, must be regarded as serious breaches of integrity with this community to which each member has voluntarily chosen to associate.

  1. The principle of resting one day in seven was instituted by God for the benefit of the creatures made in God’s image. Because Jesus declared Himself to be Lord of the Sabbath and because the Church celebrates His resurrection on Sunday, the College will avoid business as usual on Sunday, particularly in terms of scheduling events and the use of facilities during the Sunday morning worship hours, unless necessary.
  2. Members of the Gordon community will not use tobacco products on campus, on adjacent properties or while attending College-related events or on College-related business. This standard is in keeping with the findings of medical authorities concerning the danger to one’s health in the use of tobacco products. Further, it recognizes that Christians are responsible to be stewards of their bodies and considerate of the rights of others.
  3. Members of the Gordon community will neither possess nor use alcoholic beverages on campus, or on adjacent properties. Use of alcohol is prohibited while attending College-related events where students are present. While it is recognized that abstinence is not biblically mandated, members of this community are encouraged for reasons cited above to consider abstinence as a personal practice. This position reflects the College’s concern with the physical, social and personal effects of alcohol use (see II. B. 6, 7 above). At no time will the illegal use or abuse of alcohol be tolerated by members of the Gordon community.
  4. Members of the Gordon community are not to use or possess drugs illegally. This includes the use of those drugs prohibited by law and the abuse of those drugs controlled by law.