Gordon student in Guatamala helping with construction

Christian Vocation Institute

The Christian Vocation Institute (CVI) provides opportunities for students to explore the theological foundations of vocation and gain exposure to specific career options in service to the institutional Church. Elements of the Christian Vocation Institute include:

Quest Fieldtrips

This series of fieldtrips is open to the entire campus and is designed to expose students to the wide varieties of opportunities to serve the Church. Trips include visits to denominational headquarters, mission organizations, seminaries, and church-based community development initiatives.

The Elijah Project
An intensive twelve-month program for a select group of students consisting of a shared living experience, two seminars exploring the theoretical and practical aspects of vocation, a summer internship and household activities exploring faith, culture and career paths.

Summer Alumni Institutes
Summer workshops for alumni who wish to explore further the relation of their faith and their work and the theological significance of vocation, or who might be considering a career change to church-based ministry or church-related service.