Employer Endorsements

"I have to say, I promote Gordon College all the time. The Gordon interns that I’ve worked with here at the Museum and at other organizations have always been outstanding."

Mary Barthelmes
Marketing Director
Wenham Museum, Wenham, MA

"We hire from colleges and universities all over the country and I can honestly say that Gordon students have the best reputation at OSRAM SYLVANIA (and deservedly so). What differentiates Gordon students is their work ethic. They are hard working and dedicated. Most of all they all seem to enjoy their work more than students from any other program. I highly recommend Gordon students, and we hire as many of them as we can."

Maureen Crawford Hentz
US Manager of Talent Acquisition, Development and Compliance

"We have attended the last three job fairs and are thrilled to report that we have hired no less than four (4) Gordon College graduates at our company which specializes in selling commercial real estate in the Suburban Boston area; we have definitely been happy with the Gordon graduates we hired; they are talented, hardworking people with a Christ centered worldview."

David Stubblebine
The Stubblebine Company/CORFAC International, Lexington, MA