Prospective Student Employment Information

The Student Employment Office provides assistance to students who are seeking part-time employment while enrolled at the college. Approximately 60% of Gordon College students work on-campus every year. Gordon students are fortunate to be at a college that relies on student workers in all areas of campus life, thus providing over 1,000 job opportunities on-campus each year. We consider every job worthwhile and view work as a valuable component of the college experience. Even students who do not have demonstrated financial need are encouraged to work, simply for the benefits of getting connected with faculty, staff, and/or other students, adding structure to time outside the classroom, and building valuable résumé experience. Working part-time has been shown consistently to improve, rather than weaken, a student’s academic performance. Student workers are valued members of the College’s work force.

Additionally, Gordon College is located in a community that offers many job opportunities to its students. Our neighbors rely on Gordon students for childcare, yardwork, house-cleaning, pet-sitting, tutoring, business needs, and other projects. Each year we have between 1,500 and 2,000 postings for off-campus jobs, both in the homes of families and in local businesses.