Roger Green (2002)

The Senior Distinguished Faculty Award is given to a full professor.  This year’s recipient is admired by students and faculty for his careful attention to both people and to tasks as well as his calm and encouraging manner.  As a lecturer, he is known for well-crafted presentations and thoughtful applications of Scripture to contemporary issues.  As a long-time department chair, he is respected for fairness and efficiency.  As a colleague on the Faculty Senate, he is appreciated for his civility and dedication to principle.  As an advisor and colleague, he is known as one who listens patiently as well as one who offers prudent counsel and encouragement.


As a writer and a scholar, he has become perhaps the most highly-sought teacher and lecturer in Salvation Army throughout the world, and he regularly speaks in national and international settings—such as Scandinavia, Africa and Australia.  He has already published a biography of Salvation Army co-founder Catherine Booth, and he is presently under contract to complete a biography of her husband William.  In recent years he has become the editor of Word and Deed, the new scholarly journal of the Salvation Army.  Since coming to Gordon at the time of the merger with Barrington College in 1985, he has quietly and consistently articulated a Wesleyan perspective on Christian theology and service.  In the six years that I have worked with him on various tasks, I have always been confident that we could approach issues together with a spirit of common sense and candor.


So, class of 2002, bless your hearts.  Your nominations have helped select Roger Green, professor of biblical studies, as this year’s Senior Distinguished Faculty Award Winner.