Report for September 2010


Six departments will undergo their ten-year reviews this academic year:  the Academic Support Center, Economics/Business, Mathematics/Computer Science, Biology, the Registrar's Office, and the Library.

The Political Studies Department has voted to change its name to the Political Science Department.

Casey Cooper will be leading a new summer institute sponsored by Gordon's Center for Nonprofit Studies and Philanthropy.  Supported by a generous donation, the new program will allow students from around the country the opportunity to complete a certificate in non-profit studies.  The summer program will be the first of its kind among Christian institutions.  Ted Wood is working with Casey to design and to promote the program among students nationwide.

This fall saw the launch of the new common Core course, The Scientific Enterprise, designed to help all students become more scientifically literate.  It explores methods of scientific inquiry, with content that crosses several disciplines, such as questions of energy and climate change. It also examines the interplay between the lenses of science and faith.  Russ Bjork, Dorothy Boorse, Peter Iltis, David Lee, Irv Levy, Dale Pleticha, Stan Reczek, and Craig Story have been the prime architects working together on this project.

Gordon has joined the Marine Studies Consortium of Massachusetts, which expands courses available to Gordon students.  The College is also one of 230 charter members of STARS (Sustainability Tracking and Rating System), a new alliance of the AASHE (Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education). 


Under the leadership of Barry Loy, the Center for Student Development has prepared its annual report, with a wealth of numbers.   


Hours of volunteer service in Lynn (performed by about 500 students).  Half of those students were first-year students in The Great Conversation course.  In addition to the TGC course, several faculty--includingPaul Brink, Kaye Cook, Sandy Doneski, Janis Flint-Ferguson, Peggy Hothem, Ruth Melkonian-Hoover and Jim Trent--linked their classes to service-learning opportunities with Lynn organizations.


Total attendance at the 27 events sponsored by the Campus Events Council.  Top events were the Gordon Globes and the Golden Goose, with about 1,200 each.   


Visits to the Health Center last year, less than five percent of the visits to the Bennett Center.  Prevention is still the best medicine.


Number of people who climbed the rock wall in the Bennett Center. 


Appointment sessions in the Counseling Center, directed by Jan Holton.  A total of 22.5% of the student body had appointments at the Center, up from 17% two years ago.  The top three presenting problems were anxiety disorders, mood disorders and relationship concerns.


Gordon students who participated in intramurals last year, about half of the student body.  The favorite intramural sport?  Dodgeball.    


Students who made individual appointments for counseling in the Career Center last year--equal to roughly 30% of the junior and senior classes.


North American minority students enrolled at Gordon in the fall of 2009--an increase of 102 students over the fall of 2000. 


Students who attended the 23rd annual LEAD conference for leadership development at Brookwoods Conference Center in New Hampshire.


Major disciplinary violations last year by Gordon students (down from 72 the previous year).  Quite strikingly, 46 (or 70%) of the violations were committed by women.  That represents a significant shift, first evident in 2008-2009.  In the previous year women committed only nine violations.


Number of students who left Gordon last year citing "academic reasons" (for instance, change in major, probation, etc.)  This is a drop from 2006-2007, when the number was 59.  27 students left last year claiming financial reasons, one more than in 2006-2007.