Cami Foerster (2009)

If I were selecting new resident directors, there are several skills I would like at the top of the list.  I would want to know if they could listen.  I would want to know if they were generous with their time, willing to spend long hours with students who needed encouragement and counsel.  I would want to know if they cared about students’ spiritual lives.  And, just so they were ready for those late night conversations, I would want to know if they could find all the best ice cream stores on the North Shore.  Our second recipient of the Provost’s Award this morning has got all that—and more.  As a student at Gordon, she and others envisioned a new endeavor that reached out to Bostonians with material, educational and spiritual needs.  So she became one of the founders of the Boston Project.  She still serves on the board and is active in promoting its ministries. 

She is also, as one of her colleagues notes, a “chronically hospitable person,” willing to host meals during her vacation months for former residents, friends of former residents, friends of friends of former residents, and other opportunistic guests who crash her parties.

Her supervisor, Terry Charek, praises her for serving “students without looking at the clock and counting hours.  That may not go over with the IRS, but when the needs of students are involved it makes a huge impact.”  Greg Carmer commends her as one of the people most dedicated to helping students gain a richer “understanding of themselves, faith and the world.”

Through it all, she has kept a childlike sense of wonder, a love for all things Disney and the life of the imagination.  But I also understand that you would only be imagining things if you thought you could match her steps on DDR—Dance, Dance, Revolution.  To honor the many ways that she talks, dances and dreams with the members of our community, please join me in congratulating Cami Foerster for receiving the 2009 Provost’s Award. 

March 16, 2009