Recreation, Sport and Wellness

Recreation, Sport and Wellness Recreation, Sport and Wellness Recreation, Sport and WellnessRecreation, Sport and Wellness

Recreation, Sport and Wellness explores the vital roles recreation, sport, adventure and wellness play in the human experience. You will study about the quality of life through sociological, psychological, physical and theological perspectives.You will gain hands-on experience for leadership and programming that will equip you for professional service in a variety of venues. Many of our students have gone on to become coaches, hospitality personnel, YMCA directors and strength and graduate assistants.

Come be a part of a department where the faculty are doing exciting research. The faculty also prepare you to plan, organize and lead sport and recreation programs in many settings, and challenge you to understand the meaning of health and wellness in our culture. We encourage students to double major or minor in the following related majors: Kinesiology, Business, Psychology, Sociology, Communication Arts, to complement your interests and prepare you well for the work force.

The Department also has a mandatory dynamic internship/cooperative education placement program to enable you to practically apply what you are learning in the classroom to the work environment. Many internships have translated into full-time jobs for our majors. Please explore our students internships page to find out what our current students are doing.

Over 90% of recent Recreation, Sport and Wellness graduates are employed in jobs related to the field. You can explore our grad profiles page to see the amazing leadership roles in which our former students serve.

Students not majoring in RSW can add a minor in Sport Studies or Outdoor Education.

Sport is a worldwide cultural phenomenon. Just as all cultures around the world celebrate sport, the world of sport likewise influences recreation attitudes and expectations; and impact all aspects of life in the world--the economy, the media, politics, language, social structures. The sport studies concentration and minor enables students interested in sport to pursue their interests and prepares them for sport-related careers that will positively impact and influence the world of sports. With a concentration or minor in sport studies, courses in recreation, sport and wellness will prepare you for winning career options in coaching, sports programming or administration in youth, school or community-based programs. Our unique partnership with the Economics and Business Department here on campus enables our Sport Studies minors to marry their love of sports with their business acumen so that they are competitive for internships and graduate assistant positions. 

The Department offers you the opportunity to complete a concentration (or minor for non-majors) in outdoor education. The concentration or minor is completed through participation in Gordon's W.I.L.D. Semester (Wilderness Immersion and Leadership Development).  The semester works in partnership with Gordon's nationally recognized Christian adventure program La Vida.

The program teaches:

  • Biblical based philosophy
  • Guidance in servant leadership
  • Outdoor adventure leadership
  • Wilderness expeditionary training