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Physics and 3-2 Engineering

The Department of Physics encourages you to appreciate the beauty, order, and complexity of the physical universe and to be effective stewards of God's creation.

Typically after four years of study at Gordon College, you can earn a bachelor's degree in physics.

Or, you can participate in our 3-2 Engineering Program and earn both a physics bachelor's degree and an engineering bachelor's degree. Receive uncompromised preparation for transferring to an engineering program while receiving the distinctive liberal arts experience that is Gordon. Learn more about our 3-2 engineering program.

  • Admission to graduate school
  • Teaching high school physics
  • Employment in government or industry doing:
    • research
    • development
    • engineering
    • technical support
  • Careers in which careful thought, quantitative analysis, and teamwork are highly valued
  • Transferring to an undergraduate engineering institution, typically after your junior year

The physics department at Gordon recognizes your uniqueness and helps you achieve your personal goals. In the Gordon physics community, you will develop supportive relationships with other students and with the faculty as we work on physics and enjoy extra-curricular activities together. The mentoring provided by our dedicated faculty affords you a rich educational experience. View photos of our activities >>

Summer 2015 Research and Internships
With summer upon us, the students are eager to get out of the classroom and into the field. Some students will be continuing their research while for others this will be their first internship.

2015: Graduate Plans
The year is coming to a close and it is once again time to say goodbye to our senior graduates. Several are going into the industry, and more have plans for graduate school.

2014: Engineering Students Complete First Robots
A great start for their future engineering goals.

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Physics Program (PDF)
An overview of Gordon College's physics program 

3-2 Engineering Program (PDF)
Overview of Gordon's 3-2 Engineering Program

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