The mission of the philosophy department at Gordon College is to cultivate an intellectually rigorous wondering not only as an expression of our natural desire to understand, but also as an inherent consequence of our Christian commitment. Faith seeks understanding, and understanding--even that which is rigorous and critical--ultimately supports faith.

The major is divided into historical and topical courses:

  • Historical—focuses on the development of philosophical theories, controversies and movements.
  • Topical—centers on systematic questions in logic, epistemology, metaphysics, ethics and the philosophy of religion.

Both our historical and topical courses aim to:

  • Acquaint you with the great ideas, arguments and figures from various philosophical traditions.
  • Enable you to gain proficiency in the intellectual skills necessary for critical and systematic thinking, reading and writing.
  • Encourage you to explore the coherence of a Christian worldview and its relevance to philosophical questions.

In the Department we not only strive to help you excel in the major, but we also encourage you to double major. We have students who have combined philosophy with Literature, Biblical Studies, Music, Psychology, as well as many other disciplines. As a double major (or minor) you will be encouraged to explore and critique the philosophical assumptions of your other field of inquiry.

Time to pack your bags and books. You can choose among many semester, year, short-term or summer abroad programs around the globe through the Global Education Office (GEO). Tuition for the programs is the same as a regular semester or year on campus. Check out some of the many opportunities frequently selected by philosophy majors:

Graduates have demonstrated the effectiveness of the department's program by success in their post-undergraduate endeavors and have been placed in many areas that include but are not limited to:

Esteemed Graduate Programs

  • Boston College
  • Boston University
  • Georgetown University
  • Harvard University
  • Loyola Marymount University
  • Syracuse University
  • University of Chicago
  • University of Massachusetts
  • University of Toronto
  • University of Virginia
  • University of Wisconsin

General Opportunities

  • Business
  • Government
  • Law
  • Teaching
  • Ordained Ministry
  • Theology

Dr. Mark Gedney, Chair
Department of Philosophy

Division of Humanities
P 978.927.2300 x4389