• Gives you the chance to interact with faculty who have diverse interests and backgrounds
  • Inquires into God's creation in its mathematical expression
  • Equips you for the broadest possible range of ways to use your talents to give God glory and serve
  • Provides a background in the mathematical sciences that teaches:
    • problem solving
    • quantitative thinking
    • reasoning ability


Diversity of talent among the faculty allows you to study with people with experience and interests in many areas of mathematics, from industrial applications to the frontiers of pure mathematics. They can also serve as mentors in guiding you through deciding your calling as a math major.



Mathematics stands uniquely at the intersection of science and the other liberal arts. Thus, many students decide to combine a mathematics major with a major or minor in another area. Related disciplines which use math, like physics and computer science, are natural choices; our emphasis on analytical thinking serves those well who opt for an area such as English, philosophy, or biblical studies. 

Mathematics is also approved as an option for the required second major for pre-service elementary or secondary teachers.  In our junior seminar, we explore more of the ways in which math can be your vocation.


There are several different ways to explore math beyond the classroom walls at Gordon. You may wish to pursue departmental honors, conduct research on or off campus, or to use your math talent in service to others.  Or you might just want to go to an event with the Math Club! 


Time to pack your bags and books… You can choose among many semester, year, short-term or summer abroad programs around the globe through the Global Education Office(GEO). Tuition for the programs is the same as a regular semester or year on campus.  Or you can experience the real world in a co-op program. Why not check out the following?

  • The Budapest Semester in Mathematics is an approved program with the opportunity to study math with other great students in a great historical setting.
  • Gordon in Boston students have studied mathematics at some of the area's other great institutions while living in the city in Christian community.
  • Students have also studied abroad in countries such as Australia, Uganda, Ireland, and Spain.
  • Career Services - Many opportunities exist for workplace experience, locally and nationally.  Students have had internships at large companies like Raytheon, but also had great experiences with small local employers.


Math graduates have been placed in many areas that make use of their acquired skills. Our students also frequently go on to graduate and professional programs, including doctoral work in mathematics. Just a few of the areas students pursue include: 

  • Actuarial science or Business
  • Education (including post-secondary)
  • Industrial, tech, or academic research
  • Law and Medicine
  • Operations research and Statistics

Read more in the Math Career Information link.


Dr. Michael Veatch
Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

P 978.867.4375

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