Communication Arts
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Communication Arts

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The Communication Arts Department cultivates wisdom in understanding, evaluating, and creating visual stories. Recognizing the responsibilities of meaning-making through the interplay of visual and verbal symbols, we explore how forms of visual storytelling mediate culture and human relations in our participatory, globalized context of media convergence.  We seek to reflect the image of God as Creator and Mediator developing creative and critical sensibilities shaped in the traditions of Christian theology and communication theory.

"Popular media is the air we breathe. It’s significant to relationships, identity, and the language we speak. Because of that, studying communication helps us to gain a better understanding of what it means to be human."

Rini Cobbey, Ph.D.
Communication arts chair

"As a communication arts major I learned to think critically—whether assisting with a film production, giving a speech, writing an article or delving into the complicated vernacular of communication theory."

Alysa Seeland ’11, Wheaton, Illinois


» Media and Society

» Visual Storytelling

» Journalism

» Digital Video Production

» Media Criticism

» Screenwriting

» Intercultural Communication

» Contemporary Communication Theory

» Public Relations » Advertising


» Gordon IN Orvieto

» Los Angeles Film Studies Center

» American Studies Program in Washington, D.C.

» Urban Studies, San Fransisco


» Mullen (advertising)

» Thompson Communications (P.R.)

» WHDH 7NEWS (broadcast news)

» Van Ness Creative Group (video)